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Quick Vision Correction & Cataract Surgery

Glasses on Eye Chart

Trust an ophthalmologist that cares about your vision when you visit Patrick H. Dennis Jr., MD, LLC in Charleston, South Carolina. Our clinic specializes in quick, clean vision correction and cataract surgery for patients that are ready to say goodbye to glasses. As you age, you become more susceptible to cataracts—come in today to discover whether you can benefit from a quick outpatient procedure.
Skilled Eye Surgeon
As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Dennis has the essential skills needed to perform many surgical procedures. He is ready to conduct surgery for any type of cataract, including intraocular lens implants for astigmatism and presbyopia. Trust him to choose and shape the right lens shape for your needs. After taking measurements and aligning the lenses, the surgery lasts only 30 to 45 minutes. You will only spend about three hours in the surgery center for this procedure.

Contact us today to discover whether vision correction and cataract surgery is right for you.