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Accurate Glasses & Contact Lens Fittings

Choose the right eyewear for your lifestyle when you visit Patrick H. Dennis Jr., MD, LLC in Charleston, South Carolina. From glasses to contact lenses, our team is more than happy to fit you for a variety of specialized products. Improving your vision while maintaining your comfort is as easy as making an appointment today.

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Eyewear for Every Occasion
At the office of Patrick H. Dennis Jr., MD, LLC, we care about your comfort. That's why, in addition to prescribing and fitting both contacts and glasses, we also modify frames and lenses. Let us place your order for a variety of frames, including Marchon™, Nike™, and Costa del Mar™ brands. Ask about prescription sunglasses. In addition to the popular Acuvue™ line, we carry many kinds of contacts, including the following:

• Gas Permeable Rigid Lenses
• Soft Lenses
• Astigmatism Lenses

• Reading Lenses

Contact us today to browse our selection of glasses and contact lenses, and discover the right style and fit for you.